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Why I and many of my colleagues are quitting as US police officers

Travis Yates is a serving police commander in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a doctoral student in Strategic Leadership, a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

After more than 27 years in the force, I've had enough. These protests and riots are the final straw. The nasty words we get called all the time have now turned into rocks, bottles and gunfire.

It's over, America: we are leaving.

Now 27 years have passed and if you would have told me the condition of law enforcement today, I would have never believed you. It is like a nightmare only it's real!

It's not that law enforcement has changed for the worse but everything around it has. With all this talk about racism and racist cops, I've never seen people treated differently because of their race. And while I know that cowards that have never done this job will call me a racist for saying it, all I've ever seen was criminal behavior and cops trying to stop it and they didn't ever give a rip what their skin color was. I've seen cops help and save any type of race, gender or ethnicity you can think of and while that used to mean something, no one cares anymore.

Despite that, it's been the greatest opportunity of my life to do this job. I would have recommended it to anyone and I secretly hoped one of my kids would do it one day. They would have been a 4th Generation Cop. But today, all of that is over. I wouldn't wish this job on my worst enemy. I would never send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become. It's the only job you can do everything right and lose everything.


By Gage Skidmore

James Carville says Trump is the greatest threat to America since the fall of communism. Trump is as important in stature as the United States' most formidable military and political opponent of the twentieth century.

The belittled and mocked hotel owner from Queens has stumbled into creating a movement that is unmatched in strength and potency.

What does Carville see that makes him tremble so? In a word, greatness. How could he not? When you see a man being endlessly ridiculed and scorned brush off those insults with ease and smile back, you know something is different.

When you watch a 6'3" sack of energy bustling across the stage four or more times a day in a suit and tie before tens of thousands of spectators watching his every move, and he seems more rested and comfortable than the press gallery a third his age, you know you haven't seen this before.

When his enemies spend years using the combined forces of corporate media, the legal system, and the intelligence agencies to dispose of him one way or another, and the man responds with an off-the-cuff one-liner that shows he could not care less, you know you are dealing with something rare.

Carville hates the man because he knows what he is. Donald Trump is a world-historical figure. He is not merely a part of history; he is an agent warping it with his own gravity. His ideas and actions represent a firm break from the prevailing paradigms of the past. His is an original voice arguing aggressively against the status quo.

If everything about this moment feels different, that's because it is. We are all witnesses to history's play, but few generations see a world-historical figure ascend to its stage. The media are blind to the moment, but future historians will see. Almost everything in the public sphere is now defined in relation to Donald Trump.

Consider how many powerful ideas Donald Trump has cast into the national consciousness. He has exposed both major parties as socialist globalist cults more concerned with government health care and foreign nation-building than a policy for American freedom.

He has exposed how free trade can never be free when based on slave labor. He has exposed how the silent destruction of towns across the Midwest came not from China's comparative advantage, but from American companies' use of slavery by proxy.

He has redirected investment away from Wall Street and toward Main Street for the first time in over thirty years and has unleashed three decades' worth of pent up entrepreneurial energy in the very towns long deemed dead. He has questioned how the federal government can have any legitimacy if it fails at enforcing its very own immigration laws.

Not one Nobel laureate imagined this American renaissance of GDP and stock market surge, record-low unemployment, wage growth, and low inflation in one bubbling cauldron. It took a change agent. Not one foreign policy mandarin suggested unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of the American oilman in order to destroying OPEC’s power over us permanently.

It took a change agent. Not one State Department official questioned why the United States was still subsidizing Europe's generous socialist welfare system seventy years after WWII. It took a change agent. Nobody wondered why we were enriching China at our own expense and preparing for a world where a communist dictator would lead.

It took Donald Trump.

Driving Conservatives Underground

Cultural tyranny reigns in America, the last step before full-fledged political tyranny. By: Fletch Daniels June 29, 2020 (emphasis added)

Lurking beneath the surface of virtue signaling leftists are tyrants seeking to exert their will over those they despise. The defining leftist culture enables them to ruthlessly use all the power at their disposal, both real and imagined, to enforce a single acceptable viewpoint on society.

In some geographic areas, this is more obvious than in others, but no area will ultimately be spared. This week, my wife volunteered during the Virginia Republican primary. As people came by the booth to get information on the candidates, she offered these Republican voters an opportunity to sign up for yard signs. Most whispered that they could never put something like that up in their neighborhood. That's understandable. Unless a family is willing to stand guard 24/7 over their property, a Trump bumper sticker or sign here is a risky proposition at best.

And so the Northern Virginia neighborhoods surrounding us are dotted with almost exclusively Democrat yard signs and the ubiquitous and unintentionally ironic "Hate has No Home Here" signs that literally blare that their home is a sanctuary of vile hatred and small-minded contempt.

When people can't put a bumper sticker for their preferred candidate on their car, they have suffered a loss of liberty.

No Republicans who have paid even a little bit of attention expect the prevailing powers in Democrat areas to safeguard their property, or even their lives and liberty.

The very reason for establishing a government has been upended. In this area, liberty-minded people almost operate like a secret society sending quiet signals to one another.

Democrats in this country do not feel they need to hide their political allegiance or culturally approved viewpoints. Most never shut up about it, believing they are speaking truth to power, even as they bask in the approval of the corrupt and wicked power centers.

Nobody gets to sit this one out. The cultural enforcers expect everyone to parrot their talking points publicly, to destroy all resistance, forcing dissenters to grovel in submission. That’s the whole idea behind the "silence is violence" aggression. Cultural violence is quite the opposite of silence; it is forcing people to say what no sane person should believe in order to not be destroyed.

Few stand against this pressure, which is why nearly all major companies and organizations have come out with quisling statements of support of the name of a vile Marxist organization like Black Lives Matter.

It’s why Hillsdale College's response was so notable, because it was a rare exception to the rule. [This was not surprising coming from one of the only places in America still putting up statues to honor our tremendous heritage of liberty when the cultural zeitgeist is to rip them all down and start at a Marxist Year Zero.] Hate groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter operate quite freely in this environment, serving as the cultural shock troops and the terrorist wing of the cultural tyrants who have taken over the Democrat party.

Consider just a few of the displays we've watched over the last few weeks. A football coach had to apologize for wearing a One America News sweatshirt…in Oklahoma. We watched as most of our senior military leaders bowed before their cultural masters. We watched as statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and even an assortment of abolitionists, were either destroyed or came under attack, even as discussions of replacing the National Anthem erupted from the propaganda and activist cultural tyrants.

We watched as the weaponization of the federal bureaucracy by a U.S. president against a president of the opposite party was unveiled before our eyes to a massive shrug by the seditious media, who see it as a wonderful use of state power by their fellow leftist travelers in the bureaucracy. They are smug in their belief that they can use their cultural power to protect the perpetrators, who they regard as heroes.

We even watched as a sports league that caters to a conservative audience was complicit in perpetrating a crazy Jussie. We observed an emboldened social media giant censoring the President of the United States for promising to protect Americans.

We also watched what I believe is the vilest propaganda campaign of my lifetime when every cop in America was slandered as a racist with barely a protest.

The guardians of civil order, who put their lives on the line every day, often under unimaginably difficult circumstances, to protect their fellow Americans, are being demoralized and hounded out of service. This has created the fertile ground for a massive increase in lawlessness that will result in a significant rise in the deaths of black Americans, showing that black lives matter not a lick to those claiming that name.

I wish I had a dollar for every American who uttered the phrase, "Never in my lifetime did I expect to see...”" over the last few weeks. We are living in the upside-down when patriotism is outlawed, the vilest of criminals are celebrated, and brave law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily are slandered as the worst of society so thoroughly that it descended into evil farce, when a kid’s show "Paw Patrol," came under attack since it is apparently racist to have a positive police character in a children's show.

This is war and the left is playing to win. Anyone who doesn’t get that by now, to include most of the NeverTrumpers, is either irredeemably stupid or an active collaborator. Every pillar of cultural power in America, to include the unholy trinity of academia, the media, and government has declared cultural war on at least half the country. And yet NeverTrumpers reserve almost all of their scorn for those with the audacity to not drop to their knees and surrender.

It is long past time for Republicans to fully understand the enemy and take up this fight. The phrase "silent majority" has been bandied around quite a bit in the last couple weeks. Americans are silent because the cultural tyrants ensure there is a price to pay for any peep of sane protest, which is also why Republicans voters are undercounted in polls.

The problem is that the silence enables the leftists to continue to drive the narrative and normalize ideas and behaviors that would have been considered unfathomable just a few short years ago while winning more converts, which shrinks that sane majority. It is their toxic ideas that are being force fed to every young person in America and we are paying a heavy price for that.

I'd like to see far more people vocally pushing back against the mob within their social circles. Every person who pushes back emboldens others to do the same. There also needs to be a sustained and concerted effort to retake academia, the true center of gravity whose main product it is returning to America are Marxist cultural tyrants.

The culture war matters when you are living in a cultural tyranny. If you believe Andrew Breitbart, that politics is downstream of culture, we are getting dangerously close to losing everything, to include our liberty.

Don't let the truth get in the way of a continuing COUP ATTEMPT.........

The Minneapolis officers conduct was reprehensible and he will pay the price.....But the rest is total BS... The stats & ACTUAL facts are clear...... Officers improper use of force is extremely rare of over 250,000,000 contacts a year, 9 unarmed black males were killed by police, a RATE OF .0000004 %.

A recent HARVARD (liberal) study even found that "On the most extreme use of force — officer-involved shootings — we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account," said Harvard economics professor Roland G. Fryer Jr. in the abstract of the July 2016 paper. Mr. Fryer, who is black, told The New York Times that the finding of no racial discrimination in police shootings was “the most surprising result of my career.”"

Which means police shoot bad guys when they have to....... race not involved !!!! but they won't actually state the FACTS.... All this is bullshit and the press including FOX won't cover the actual facts that.......... BLACKS shoot BLACKS epidemic !

As you may rightly surmise this is now a continuing HOT COUP attempt to get Pres. Trump a perfect storm of Chinese virus with everyone out of work right now & a bad police incident which they have been looking for forever....the others were also BS and officers not charged or acquitted after actual facts came out even though Obama wanted to lynch a white officer ASAP years !!!!!

How does it so happen all these major cities just have "events simultaneously" look the same, smell the same and end up the same each night ?????? Asshole George Soros that's how !!!!! Paid , trained and equipped Marxist anarchists who want to over throw our way of life !!! That asshole should be in prison for the rest of his miserable life along with some Hollywood types raising bond money for them !!!! Finally, some honest reporting how cars without plates were staged in various locations in some cities full of Molotov cocktails, hammers, rocks and other "equipment" ready to go.......

Yes, I am worried because this is the perfect storm brought to us from CHINA........They want the same thing Hitler wanted world domination and have stated such.......Now the question is can Trump survive much more of this?????

How President Trump goes so goes our future one of reaching for the stars or one of the communists democrats vision of eating out of garbage cans like Russia, China (wet markets) Venezuela, North Korea , Cuba, Congo, or any other 3rd world dictatorship involving absolute power by THE FEW !

Get involved or accept your fate...& your kids bleak future !!!

Enough is enough !

To brutalize everyone who has the guts enough to wear a badge, to assault, ridicule, prosecute and murder officers by a dangerous wacko movement supported by clueless LIARS who want nothing short of the OVERTHROW of the USA.......... ...... and massively misrepresent the most HONORABLE SERVICE OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PROFESSIONAL POLICE OFFICERS who keep this country safe everyday..........AND DISBAND/DEFUND POLICE........ IT'S TIME TO GIVE THESE RADICALS AND SNOWFLAKES WHAT THEY WANT......A DOSE OF BLU FLU !!!!
Let the snowflakes patrol the streets of this country for a day, let them respond to rapes, robberies-in-progress, murders, fights, drunks, family troubles, neighbor disputes, bar fights, DUI, drug dealing, loitering, barking dogs and all the rest society has to offer......
Police officers deserve a night off...take your families up north, out to dinner, or just relax with a couple of beers......

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This website is dedicated to the support of our brave and dedicated Law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line each and every day to secure our safety that support our outstanding President TRUMP !

This website will provide you with all the information to PARTICIPATE in the upcoming Re-election of President TRUMP through a variety of ways. It’s time for the SILENT MAJORITY to get a voice and STAND UP for OUR rights as U.S. Citizens.

The Communist Democrats intend to destroy our way of life by ANY means necessary and turn our USA into a cesspool of communists that want to rule this country with an IRON FIST. Make no mistake they will not stop until they have TOTAL control of every aspect OUR LIVES including YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS AND PENSIONS !!

It’s Time to STAND UP or STAND DOWN……The choice is yours !