Cops For Trump Michigan

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.– Edmund Burke


It's time to stand up or stand down! Freedom or Marxism!

Just think if Trump loses and the Communists come to power with both houses of congress:

  • Unlimited invasion of illegals ( giving them instant welfare, food stamps, legal representation)
  • Tearing down the wall ( allowing drug cartels free access to our borders to kill our kids with unlimited drugs)
  • Anti-police ( Even more mob rule & Crime epidemic unknown to USA)
  • Anti- military ( Defund & destroy our Military so CHINA can finish taking us over with friendly corrupt BIDEN )
  • Destroy manufacturing forever ( Green new deal destroys our entire ENERGY industry & USA economy)
  • No Cars
  • No planes
  • No beef, No food! (See Venezuela once the richest country in South America eating from garbage cans)
  • Carbon "efficient" homes & Buildings costing TRILLIONS bankrupt USA economy & you
  • Transfer of YOUR wealth from hard workers to anyone that doesn't work ( Includes your 401 K and pensions, bank accounts,)
IF you want AOC BIDENS energy Czar to control your future and that of your kids just stay home.....good luck BUT If you realize this is a true and fast moving threat to YOU and our country....ITS TIME TO SHOW UP !